Data-Intensive Analysis for Socio-Environmental Synthesis


Data-Intensive Analysis / Modeling for Socio-Environmental Synthesis

I'd like to propose this topic as a Workshop / Meetup. I'd really like to explore ways to gather people together who would be interested in discussing themes / collaborative project ideas for Data Analysis for Socio-Environmental Sythesis.

There's opportunities to propose collaborative projects through SYSENC that might be fun to explore: From SYSENC: "The landscape of socio-environmental research is evolving. Understanding the factors and processes that influence the dynamics of coupled socio-environmenal systems (SESs) requires research that harnesses a diversity of data sources and types (quantitative and qualitative) for use with sophisticated analytical and modeling tools. Consequently, data-intensive analytic and modeling approaches have emerged as critical needs for supporting socio-environmental research."

And this session time would not only be specific to SYSENC project ideas, but open to collaborative projects in general. I was imagining a session where the session leads (Lindsay Barbieri, maybe others?) would come prepared with 2-3 possible project themes, and started ideas / questions to explore. The group could use the workshop/session time to discuss knowledge and resources on the themes and "bat around" the idea of a collaborative projects (and what that would look like going forward). This may not be in line with a ESIP Session, especially for the Winter Meeting, but if there was interest, maybe there is a better channel for this sort of activity to happen during the meeting time/space?

Maybe there are already groups working on just such a topic already! Would love to know I thought I'd propose it as a session just to have the discussion open. 

Barbieri, L.; Data-Intensive Analysis for Socio-Environmental Synthesis;ESIP Commons , October 2015