New GES DISC Services Shortening the Path in Science Data Discovery


At American Geophysical Union(AGU) 2016 Fall Meeting, Goddard Earth Sciences Data Information Services Center (GES DISC) unveiled a new service: Datalist.  A Datalist is a collection of predefined or user-defined data variables from one or more archived datasets.  Our science support team curated predefined datalist and provided value to the user community.  Imagine some novice user wants to study hurricane and typed in “hurricane” in the search box.  The first item in the search result is GES DISC provided Hurricane Datalist.  It contains scientists recommended variables from multiple datasets like TRMM, GPM, MERRA, etc.  Datalist uses the same architecture our new website uses and also provides one-stop shopping for data, metadata, citation, documentation, visualization and other available services.

We implemented Datalist with Unified User Interface(UUI), one single web page that unified all user interfaces.  From that webpage, users can find data by either type in keyword, or browse by category.  It also provides user with a sophisticated integrated data and services package, including metadata, citation, documentation, visualization, and data-specific services, all available from one-stop shopping.

Collaboration Area: 

Name: Angela Li
Organization(s): NASA GES DISC

Name: Chung-Lin Shie
Organization(s): NASA/GSFC/ESSIC

Name: William Teng
Organization(s): NASA GES DISC

Name: Keith Bryant
Organization(s): NASA GES DISC (ADNET)

Name: Suhung Shen
Organization(s): NASA/GSFC/GMU

Name: Jennifer Wei
Organization(s): NASA GES DISC (ADNET)

Name: Long Pham
Organization(s): NASA GES DISC