Applying GIS for Integrated Discovery, Access, and Analysis


This interactive session will apply use cases to demonstrate how complete end-to-end solutions can be achieved using GIS - without the need to leave this software environment. A GIS can provide discovery services to locate non-scientific and scientific data, access services ato obtain and overlay this data, and analysis services to carry out scientific analysis. This session will help kickoff the restart of the ESIP GIS Cluster.warning.pngUnsupported type "" defined for property.


Carbon Dioxide and GIS - "One Stop Shopping" to Provide Data and Services. Demo of GIS software that aides CO2 data discovery acquisition and visualization.

Developing a regional downscaling capability using a set of Regional Climate Models and the IPCC models for climate adaptation decision aid applications. Demo of software that is currently being developed to help decision-makers.

Inconsistency between available products and type of products that decision makers need - Northrop Grumman has identified a list of products that are needed to bridge the science data to address decision makers' needs.

Dynamically downscaled data, is the answer if we are interested in local scale.

Show experience of using arcgis They want gis community to use these products

Data services demo - scientists want to run their own algorithms, they don't want the service to make computations for them, they want to only be able to subset and retrieve the data.




Rename GIS to geospacial cluster because of stigma.

Attendees who were willing to be active members of this cluster were subscribed to the listserv. (the majority were interested in participation)

The group will have a once a month technical telecon or webex with a presentation every other month.

Ross will generate a list through esip.

Next month we will have a kickoff telecon and by summer meeting hopefully more demos in a similar session.

Those who are interested to participate please email Ross Bagwell.

Esri focus is on gis sensing user group we need to encourage Esri to bridge the gap between remote sensing and GIS.

Bagwell, R.; Raskin, R.; Applying GIS for Integrated Discovery, Access, and Analysis ; Winter Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , February 2012