Create Collaboratories for Earth Science using Talkoot


Advances in technology allow different research groups and institutions to use new software tools to build and support virtual collaborations and infuse open science. The infusion of these tools into science processes can now enable sharing and publishing of digital scientific artifacts, and, dramatically improve knowledge sharing amongst researchers. These new tools offer the potential to create new virtual research collaboration platforms. Based on scientific interest, these new virtual research collaborations can cut across traditional boundaries such as institutions and organizations. This poster describes Talkoot, a software toolkit designed and developed by the authors. Talkoot provides Earth Science researchers a ready-to-use knowledge management environment and an online platform for collaboration. Talkoot allows Earth Science researchers a means to systematically gather, tag and share their data, analysis workflows and research notes. These Talkoot features are designed to assist rapid knowledge sharing within a virtual community. Talkoot can be utilized by small to medium sized groups and research centers, as well as large enterprises such a national laboratories and federal agencies.