IT&I ESIP Commons Review



Over the years, ESIP wiki has served as a useful mechanism to capture knowledge and information. However, limitations of the ESIP wiki in providing a formal citable knowledge management system have led to the creation of the ESIP Intellectual Commons (iCommons).
The objectives of the ESIP iCommons are:
1. Provide a knowledge repository to formally capture and publish all the information and knowledge generated as part of ESIP activities
2. Provide a citation mechanism to acknowledge individuals and groups that generate new knowledge
3. Provide a publication medium for information that cannot be printed elsewhere such as technical reports, use cases, education modules.
The objective of this session is two-folds. First, to apprise the ESIP community of the current status and capabilities of the ESIP iCommons. Second, to solicit feedback to shape this knowledge management system to best serve the ESIP community


Key Topics

  • Publication mechanism internal to ESiP
    • ESiP Wiki helpful, but not sufficient
      • Attribution and citations
  • Need to create reference map for ingestion of microarticles
  • Editor(s) will publish content submitted by authenticated users
  • Two post-meeeting publications per year which capture the meeting activity


  • Microarticles and internally published documents
    • Conference meeting sessions captured
      • Presenters, topics, presentations, video/audio/notes of session
    • Professional Development
    • Testbed Activity
    • Links to above
    • Lesson Plans
    • Use Cases?
      • Very much emerging
  • Potential for ESiP Administrative Materials



Brainstorming session for data types and fields. Wide-ranging input from those with expertise in various areas. Group decisions to create, expand, and remove fields for various items.



  • What content should go into the iCommons?
    • What Content types/fields do we need
      • DOI? Use current existing DOI/EZid scheme?
    • What licenses do we need? Is Creative Commons sufficient?
      • Decision to add options
  • Will this supersede the wiki?
    • Separation between wiki-workspace and iCommons-finished-space
  • How do we encourage all of ESiP to use this framework?
    • Add expectation to presenters
    • Make this the beginning, middle, and end of session planning, poster session design, etc.
IT&I ESIP Commons Review; Winter Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , February 2012