Technology Tools that Enhance Collaboration: Solutions from Climate Change Education Initiatives



This session will feature technology tools that enable collaboration without travel (and minimum carbon) as presented by ESIP members who use these tools in Climate Change Education initiatives. Demonstrations will be accompanied by a discussion of associated best practices. Below is a list of most of the tools that we'll feature: - instantly share your screen with others (for free!)

Google Sites - collaborate over the same document

Google Forms - use a survey to identify group priorities

Webinars - teach a seminar and interact remotely with multiple participants

EET - give educators an introduction to analyzing your data

Mobile Apps - share data anywhere with anyone

Drupal - icommons, online workspaces and more

ESIP Teacher Wiki - staying connected remotely



Tools and Demonstrations

Webinar Best Practices

  • Becky Reid, Tamara Ledely, Margaret Mooney
    • Three people is best: 1 presenting, another checking questions online and the third monitoring the webcast.
    • Must account for lag time between presenter and attendees especially for video content

Google Sites

  • LuAnn Dahlman
    • Showed A web based example of how to use, allows for free teleconferencing without a preset number.
    • (

Earth Exploration Toolbox

Picture Post

Google Documents and Forms

  • Brent Maddux
    • google docs allow for interactive and simultaneous editing and discussion of written documents, spread sheets, and powerpoints.
    • google forms can be used to create fast polls and very quick data analyses and summary statistics of the responses without.
    • (
Technology Tools that Enhance Collaboration: Solutions from Climate Change Education Initiatives; Winter Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , February 2012