DEIMS, a Drupal profile to serve and manage ecological data.


The Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS) is a Drupal-based grass-roots efforts to create a common open-source, collaborative platform to manage ecological data and information. With DEIMS, we manage all-things scientific information: from data, metadata, catalogs, directories, and produce XML services using common metadata standards, such as ISO, EML and BDP. The original DEIMS started in 2008, based in Drupal 6, with UMBS, a handful of LTER sites, and Oak Ridge National Lab. In March 2013, the Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER) started working with to solidify the early work on DEIMS. This collaboration resulted in a professional profile with a sustainable development platform. DEIMS offers better and more metadata and data services using an adaptive/responsive interface. In this Webex, we will give you an overview of the DEIMS, and cover in some detail the DEIMS Data Explorer feature, which allows Drupal to connect to scientific databases and providing a visual query editor on the data resources described in detail in DEIMS. As an added bonus, you will hear from Dave Reid, who is the main contributor to DEIMS as well as perhaps the most prolific Drupal developer and core maintainer.

DEIMS, a Drupal profile to serve and manage ecological data.; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , March 2014