Climate services partnership



In the face of a changing and variable climate, human welfare will increasingly be tied to the extent to which we are able to manage the risks and opportunities associated with a changing climate. Climate services, which provide timely, tailored information to decision makers, are an important part of improving our capacity to manage climate-related risk. Unfortunately, no organization – indeed, no country – currently has the knowledge or capacity required to meet the growing demand for climate services.


The Climate Services Partnership is an informal, international network focused on improving the development and provision of climate services worldwide. Formed at the first International Conference on Climate Services, in 2011, the CSP connects climate information users, providers, researchers and funders -- providing a structure in which to transfer knowledge, build capacity and transfer lessons learned. The CSP focuses activities on fostering communities of practice; building knowledge and capacity; providing technical support and data access; establishing methodologies for assessment and evaluation; and implementing place-specific climate services.  


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