The ASF Wetlands data portal: Enabling visualization, analysis, and distribution of NASA MEaSUREs Wetlands data


The Alaska Satellite Facility’s (ASF) Wetlands data portal allows users to visualize, analyze, and download regional-to-global data products from the NASA MEaSUREs project, Inundated Wetlands Earth Science Data Record (Wetlands).  The ASF team that serves the MEaSUREs Wetlands data products recently developed and released a suite of web resources which include: a Time Series Animation, which enables easy visualization of global wetland inundation dynamics, a Time Series Data analysis tool, which allows users to select a geographic location and generate a graph of water inundation and snow cover for an area of interest, and a Data Download service, which offers image mosaics, maps, and other data products of selected regions of the earth for immediate download. In addition, the Wetlands data portal is a clearinghouse of photos, videos, audio, and social media intended to familiarize people with wetlands, their important role in the environment, and conservation issues related to the rapid degradation and loss of these vulnerable ecosystems. The web resources are designed using responsive web design principles to enable seamless access to data and information regardless of entry device.  The content is structured to facilitate recognition of the site by search engines.  To begin wetlands data discovery, go to