Climate Change Challenge Championship: A gamified, interactive, educational web tool


Thanks to the ESIP Federation there is now a fun, highly visual, auditory, interactive, and academic way to learn about climate change, its challenges, and solutions. By using an ESIP grant, we were able to develop an interactive and educational website to serve grades 5 through 12. Using experience gleaned in the classroom, training received through ESIP, and a cadre of web-housed resources, we have tailored an interactive, web-based, gamified educational web tool that uniquely provides access to climate change curriculum to meet the challenging needs of today’s middle and high school science students.

“Spend some clicks of a clock and prove that you are a Climate Change Challenge Champion!” Thus begins the journey through a five-module, ten- “badge” challenge. Students learn about climate change through five modules and then are tested on topics such as weather, climate, biomes, climate change and solutions. After collecting a badge for each module, challenge, and test, students receive a personalized certificate to show that they are a “Climate Change Champion”!

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