Shailendra Kumar


Shailendra Kumar is a technology and business executive with experience in significant leadership roles at Northrop Grumman, AT&T Bell Labs, NASA-JPL, NEC Electronics, LSI Logic, and Silicon Valley startups. He holds a Ph. D. in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Columbia Business School (joint executive program).


Dr. Kumar has been very active in energy, environment and communications industries and forums. He was a member of the NASA Voyager Science team, has authored over 50 publications in trade journals, and given numerous presentations in professional conferences including American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, and Energy Security & Sustainability (E2S2) Symposium. He is currently the Managing Director of The E2C group, focused on management consulting, innovative information systems solutions for energy and environment (big data, cloud computing), and business models for sustainability.


Dr. Kumar co-chairs the Energy and Climate Working Group in Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Federation (

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