ESIP Interagency Panel on Interoperability


Panel discussion moderated by Peter Colohan, Office of Science and Technology Policy. Each speaker will have 5-7 minutes for remarks. 

Bob Chadduck, NSF

Jeff de La Beaujardiere, NOAA

Kevin Gallagher, USGS

Jeff Walter, NASA


These questions were posed to the panel ahead of time: 

- Describe your agency’s vision for a coordinated data management strategy across the organization.

- What are the drivers for your agency’s data management strategy?

- Describe the successes of your agency’s data management strategy

- Describe the obstacles impacting your agency’s data management strategy.

- Tell us the Top 3 priorities your agency has in moving forward its data management strategy.

- Describe how your agency coordinates its data strategy with other federal agencies

ESIP Interagency Panel on Interoperability ; Winter Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , December 2012