Interoperapedia  is the Interoperability Encyclopedia. It is a community resource that collates a base set of materials that the ESIP Federation and its members may use in performing interoperability standards outreach to partner and external organizations and groups. The successful expansion in the use of Earth Science interoperability standards would benefit the entire community of Earth Science data and information users through the reduction in the barriers to the use and distribution of Earth Science products. This project was sponsored by the ESIP Federation’s Information Technology and Interoperability Committee, with the work being performed by Innovim.

Interoperapedia includes the following:

  • an overview of key Earth Science interoperability standards
    • OGC: WxS, CSW, SOS
    • OpenDAP
    • Semantic Technologies
    • Metadata: FGDC, ISO 19115 and related standards
  • case studies that illustrate the benefits of using interoperability standards
  • information about computing platforms that may be used to implement and use standards-based Earth Science products