Commons Governance Meeting Minutes





 Carol Meyer


Bruce Caron

Karl Benedict

Erin Robinson

Reid Boehm

David Bassendine

Bob Downs

Rahul Ramachandran



Holes to fill in- in governance document draft


Revisiting Discussion with John Wilbank at AGU

suggestions: Keep it simple/short/will evolve as a moving target as capabilities evolve through time

relates to current established commons definition and issues:


·      light touch over the entire commons

·      content area managers have primary responsibility

·      higher level step in to resolve conflicts as they arise

·      thinking about content types

·      balance with danger of proliferation

·      clarity of complimentary roles of 3 elements

·      enumerating in high level terms the different participants in the governance model

·      providing more descriptive roles and responsibilities

·      understanding of purview and relationships


licensing model:

·      keep it simple

recommended and preferred content type

Discussing CCzero and needs of civil servant contributions


David shared CC and public domain links in chat:



Agreeing to support these licenses:


·      Creative Commons By (this one is preferred)

·      Alternatives: public domain mark


Talked about Facebook comments- any implications or incongruencies with license choice?

·      distribution to both at the same time

·      disclaimer that comments that are posted are CCby

·      remain aware of cross-publication of content to other networks (consistency)

What we are hoping for: maximum degree of reuse with core principle of acknowledgement.

Revisiting idea of style guide from summer meeting discussion

Thinking about examples:

·      data citation guidelines

·      template for capturing the state of the art knowledge

·      exemplars for education modules

May want to collect from the different content areas

·      Specific needs of content areas -single style guide may not work for commons as a whole)

·      Start with ones here- hope by request others will create


·      Idea of hand outs- policy guidelines: package for other opportunities

·      structured for representation of content in a variety of ways

Drupal functions with

·      pdf generator

·      already a lot of structure that is built in the system: fields for the areas: notes, authors, documents and attachments


example of concept: micro articles may already have their own style guide would be different for other content types such as posters


Need consistency for session abstract, meeting notes: initial guidance there

·      Data Citation commonality- not clear of the format

·      Pivotable citation allows for you to connect

*Title of the document may need to be included* 


·      Need a minimum set of consistent attributes

·      Structured types: already there but formatting (more consistency rather than less)

·      structured content versus document that the content is attached to: pdf document that is compatible with the micro article style

·      meta-data may need to have consistent format

·      consistency in the elements first


(DOI as example of included need)


·      Possibility: Have an actual metadata content area for the information to go into


We will need specific content guides developed by managers, but in the context of a broader cross commons guide that hits the high points, colors, fonts, citation styles, elements, (more specific for each group as needed)


Karl: draft document with last call sent to listserv in the coming weeks before putting doc to bed then defining roles of governance in future meetings.


Next meeting is scheduled for webex: Thursday February 19th at 2pm EST.






Benedict, K.; Robinson, E.; Commons Governance Meeting Minutes; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , January 2013