Documentation Cluster - March 2013 Telecon


1) attributes in the NASA flavor (Ted)

2) Action Items



·         Both Ed and Walt had problems editing the wiki due to log in issues.  Now able to log into the wiki site with either wiki or common’s username/password – Erin (or support) will let them know when this is fixed.

o   To do items were finished, but were not uploaded

ECHO Additional Attributes and ISO (Ted – slides presented)

·         ISO19115 is generic metadata but does not accommodate all applications

o   The important characteristic of ISO is that it includes extensions and standard descriptions of how to create extensions

o   It would be better for places like NASA and NOAA to develop their own conventions to become extensions than to have to adopt new extensions from ISO

·         ECHO has 149 structured attributes and 327 additional attributes

o   Name is the unique identifier, data type is the type (string, float, etc)

§  Provides complete information additional attributes

§  Adapt the ECHO model for NASA and ISO

o   There is no non-semantically linked identifier or description of what the attribute is (type)

§  Most common type ‘process version’

§  Each attribute name is unique to each science team or group

o   Do not include the kind of information the additional attributes contains

§  This is need to place the attributes in  ISO – need to know what it is

§  Sometimes names give category (ex.  Instrument Information)

§  Some have place in ISO and ECHO – want to be put in the right place within the model

§  Other attributes have categories they fit in, but do not fit into the standard

§  Most common additional attribute from ECHO is content type (80 of 327 that are not classified)

·         ECHO xml

o   Problem – no attribute type, no identify (only name – not semantic-less id)

o   Difficulty with reuse – separate definition and value – not generalized concept

·         Use EOS to id in ISO

o   Add type code from code list

o   Data type should also be a code list

o   Add an identifier – unique code – can be a doi for each additional attribute (object ID that is digital

o   These formalize the approach taken in ECHO

·         ISO 19139 encoding rules provide standard ways of referencing objects and pieces of objects

o   Change ECHO to EOS to add additional attributes

o   If start with capital letter – is object – has ID and/or UUID

§  Id is an xml id – it functions in xlinks and xml

§  Uuid is like a doi – function outside of xml -

o   If start with lowercase letter – is a role – has reference to objects which has ID

o   In ISO has role, object, role, object…

·         Matt – question – is this a collection or a granule – serving both collection and granule level

·         MI_Acquisition Info – part 19115-2 recommendations

o   NASA has special needs

o   Add addition property types to Platform and Instrument – under Property Type/ Property

·         Alek –question – how add sensor data

o   Either reference outside data (citation)

o   Or embed it within the file

·         Extension for 19115-2 will occur in about 1 year – NASA needs to develop these not have htem done for them

·         Ted is moving to HDF (leaving NOAA) – no negative changes for cluster (only good changes)

·         Next meeting April 17 at noon



Habermann, T.; Documentation Cluster - March 2013 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , February 2013