Why Create a Data Management Plan?


In this module, we’ll  very briefly review what a Data Management Plan is, followed by a discussion of our top three reasons for creating a data management plan.  These reasons are:  

First, that proper data management planning should make your work easier and possibly even cheaper than if you had handled your data in an ad-hoc fashion throughout your project;

Second, handling your data properly and documenting them well, can actually improve your standing with your users and with your colleagues, most importantly,  and

Last and perhaps least, because your funding agency says that you must.

Hopefully, by the end of this module you will become convinced that while funding agency requirements may be the stick making you create data management plans now, creation of the plans has actually been in your best interest all along.


DMPWhyDoADataManagementPlanDuerr_final from ESIPFed on Vimeo.

Module Leads: 

Name: Ruth Duerr
Organization(s): The Ronin Institute
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Research Scientist
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Online course
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Online exercise
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February 2013
Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
Video performed by Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich
Ruth E. Duerr
Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich