Documentation Cluster - April 2013 Telecon


Summer ESIP meeting

February action items



1)      ESIP summer meeting (July 9 – 12)

·         Ted has already submitted 5 session for HDF workshop/tutorial (NASA)

·         Currently Ted is the lead on all of these sessions, but other people will take them over as they get registered

·         Topics include

·   aggregation (across HDF files – how certain groups are doing this)

·   using NASA data – tutorial with someone from Matlab and possibly ESRI (though this conflicts with the ESRI conference)

·   Town Hall – new things at HDF and get ideas for directions

·   Cool Tools – things venders are doing with NASA data (specifically HDF)

·         These are not linked to documentation and are not directly related

·         Will have separate sessions – continuation of CF unleashed and something about conventions

·         (Ed) HDF5 conventions – includes CF and other is due by the fall – should we invite that group

·         ACDD (attribute conventions for data discovery) governance group

·   Looking for home for conventions – a group with responsibility for convesions and distribution of conventions

·   Question of joining ACDD and CF - possibly

·         Ted (personally) – does not think it is a good idea – OGC would be a better choice

·         ? is this because CF isn’t easy to change – YES, also there is a lot of baggage with CF

·         Such as problems with groups and objects

·         ? is the conflict group/objects – how implement

·         CF does not do groups

·         OGC has done tones to get NetCDF and CF in OGC – want to build on that work

·         OGC – broader audience and group

·         They need help I metadata (ex. for their services)

·         Such as help with NetCDF and wms, and wcs, etc. (lots of possibilities)

·         There is also a ESDIS metadata session by Katie

ACTION – Ted will contact Katie about including documentation and metadata architecture

·         2 sessions by “documentation” – 3 hr total


·         HDF5

·         Iso

·         NASA’s role in ISO

·   ACDD – documentation and discovery

·         ACDD governance

·         Discovery of objects

·         Maybe NCIso

ACTION – Kelly will create the session for the summer meeting

·         Walt will also have a session for the summer meeting

·         Ed – may not be able to attend

2)      CF standard names (Alek)

·         Still not have standard names accepted

·         Each time Alek suggests this, someone replies with a problem

·         Ed – governance of CF is breaking down – 1 or 2 people can object and stop a change

3)      February action items

·         No

·         Ed still not sure how to add documentation link and a new page

·         Add [[Category: Documentation]] to link to documentation page

·         To add new page – do a search for your title and a red link, click it for new page

·         Walt is still having problems logging in

·   Erin had told several of us to delete cookies, but that hasn’t worked for him

·   Walt will contact Erin if he is still having problems


Ted will contact Katie about including documentation and metadata architecture

Kelly will create the session for the summer meeting

Habermann, T.; Documentation Cluster - April 2013 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , March 2013