Data Decadal Survey cluster working session


At this session the DDS cluster will discuss what was learned from the panel discussion and how to move forward with that information.


Attendees (from memory, please correct any errors or omissions!):  Anne, Frew, Dan Baker, Todd Vision, Rama, Ruth, Stan Ahalt, Chris L, Bill Michener, Paul Uhlir, Steve Kempler

We agreed to approach the question of whether to limit our effort to Earth Science or extend beyond to other domains by focusing within Earth Science, while also identifying and approaching other entitiies from outside domains to let them know of our effort and see if there is any interest in working together.

We identified these steps to move forward:

1) Create a compelling write up.  We will make a version for hopefully quick publication in EOS that invites comments from the community.  It will reference the OSTP memo.

2) Seek small, quick funding to

  • hold a planning workshop that will be tacked on to the ESIP Winter meeting in DC
  • do a review and synthesis of prior work

Compelling write up

  • material: panelist material, ESSI material, IEEE Geo Sci Remote Sensing (Rama)
  • state the position of ESIP: our view, issues, OSTP memo
  • invite community opinion
  • writers: Anne, Chris, Frew, Bill, Rama, Ruth, Steve
  • reviewers: Dan, Paul
  • goal: done quickly so can be in EOS ASAP
  • *** action item: outline by next telecon on 7/25
  • Lee Allison has EOS connections may be able to fast forward the piece/opinion

Reaching out beyond Earth Science

  • "ESIP has taken this position...  We request that your group investigate a similar effort..."  or some such...
  • OSTP
  • RDA
  • ...

Identification of funding

  • Paul knows some foundations that might support that effort and could move fairly quickly
  • NSF
    • INSPIRE Integrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education
    • CREATIV Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures
    • EAGER Early-concept grants for Exploratory Research
    • other NSF options for holding a workshop
  • *** action item: research the above, other sources?

Planning workshop goals are to identify:

  • process, resources needed, outcomes desired
  • goals of a survey
  • options for a survey
  • members of congress that might provide support

Planning the planning workshop

  • ID people with Decadal Survey experience, e.g., Dan
  • ID steering committee, speakers

Planning resources

Synthesis of prior work:

  • basically the effort we started in January, but abandoned due to lack of resources
  • complete at least a portion before the workshop?

a few misc notes

  • We hope to not take 10 years to plan the Decadal Survey!
  • Don't get caught up in having it be a Decadal Survey, we might find some other more appropriate vehicle
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Wilson, A.; Data Decadal Survey cluster working session; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , March 2013