Data Stewardship Planning


Data Stewardship activity planning.




  1. Reports from various groups on current efforts
    PCCS Articles (opinion, general science / library science)

    1. PCCS - Provenance and Context Content Standard

    2. Two articles in the works - one more opinion (why we should use it); one more geared to general science about what PCCS is and what it can do, and what the future is => COMMUNITY BUILDING is the goal of both articles

    3. Basic framework is laid out for both

    4. Some committed authors signed up

    5. Others welcome to participate (will discuss upcoming telecons through a Doodle Poll)

    6. Link to outlines


Data Decadal Survey

    1. Scope defined a bit better

    2. Engage others outside of ES community, but focus on ES; other groups can work with us

    3. Need a compelling write-up (1-2 page) -> submit paper to EOS, hopefully soon

    4. Hope to plan for a workshop - look at foundations to fund - to plan the process. Tack on to Winter ESIP meeting, to tap into DC resources

    5. Looking to get funding to generate synthesis of what has already been done

Use Cases

    1. Two sessions on Tuesday -

    2. 1st session actually generated some use cases

    3. 2nd session - different crowd, ½ new to ESIP - did recap, and ended up with a new ideas

    4. Suggested Town Hall/presentations at AGU to engage wider community, beyond data providers

Physical Objects

    1. Two sessions on Tuesday - first well attended

    2. Two scenarios: Objects that can be digitized and still maintain their significant properties for a particular audience and those that can’t; noting that an object may fall into both categories depending on the audience

    3. Develop and apply PCCS etc. to one scenario; build on it and iterate


    1. Packed room, well engaged session

    2. Three general walk-throughs of use cases, particular cases that used the methodology

    3. Got into next steps - names, follow-up meetings

    4. Take nascent NASA activity and broaden it

    5. Got at least three additional use cases outside of NASA

    6. Two-pronged approach - gather more use cases, apply use cases


Data Management Training

    1. Developed several modules up and on Commons

    2. Started with a list of over 100, and then 55 commitments

    3. We have 32 “finished” and ready to go - all available on Commons, but only by alphabetical order

    4. Where do we go from here? Assess effectiveness; create more modules; etc...

    5. Worked on grant application to assess effectiveness of marketing of the modules and of the modules themselves.

    6. Did not get the funding, so now we need to figure out where to do

    7. Bob Downs is looking at adding cataloguing on


    9. Looking at adding categories to Commons for better navigation

    10. Looking at applying CLEAN criteria for education modules to these

    11. Need for a survey of what exists, but that issue is getting bigger as time goes by

Topics that have not had follow up

  1. Data citations/identifiers -

    1. RDA is covering identifiers and we might leave that to them

    2. Making data approachable is still an ESIP need, making data citable

    3. Groups still working on talking to publishers about making data citations required - EOS article? (back burner for next 6 months to a year)

  2. Data quality -

    1. though Carol said there may be someone coming up that can work on this topic

  3. Should update the list from last year

    1. What will be addressed/is being addressed

    2. What is going on the back burner

  1. Recap of the past few days

  2. Monthly Telecon meeting times - discussion of better process

There is a need to update the telcon information on the wiki, and how that is shared out in the future.  The semantics of this is still being worked out for the future.

New time instead of Monday, and a time that works best for east and west coast attendees?

Maintaining current model of monthly high level meetings, and weekly meetings on sub issues being addressed by this committee.  Are there enough slots in these weekly meetings?  (see google spreadsheet for list of times/scheduling - will update after monthly time is rescheduled)

Prov-es may branch off to own time schedule.  DDS is scheduled for the third (or fourth) thursdays of the month.

  1. New Business?

    1. Possible idea - maybe a “paper” on what ESIP Data Stewardship is doing (promoting our community)

Where do Implementation discussions fall?  Actually implementing PCCS, DOIs etc.?  Could this group do a survey?  What are people actually doing?  With implementation case studies?  And present these results outward.  These could be shared at AGU - check postings for session calls.  How about a session at the winter meeting discussing our implementation?  (Postive response to this idea).  Steve and Rama will work on developing the session.

How do we span the gap between traditional views on DOIs and the needs for scientists.  See Duerr et al paper on identifiers.  DataOne has encountered some challenges working with DataCite on this issue.  And is using ARCs more internally.  Focus is the difference between higher and lower levels, and increasing awareness of the granules at the lower levels.  Perhaps a topic for DLIB?  Ruth suggested that Matt is implying we need a paper to a different audience on this topic.  The presentations from last summer’s ESIP meeting would be a good example to write up and expand on this issue.  AN identifiers telecon will be scheduled for the weekly meetings.

Tilmes, C.; Duerr, R.; Data Stewardship Planning; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , April 2013