ACDD - Documentation and Discovery


The Attribute Convention for Data Discovery (ACDD) was proposed almost a decade ago in order to bridge the gap between THREDDS and various data discovery systems. It has recently been adopted as a critical connector between netCDF/THREDDS and ISO as part of a suite of THREDDS metadata services and the ncISO tool. The ESIP Documentation Cluster is playing a critical role in the evolution of the ACDD as new needs and ideas emerge from communities and user groups. Members of the ACDD Steering Committee will report on recent progress and present ideas for the evolution of the conventions.  

Habermann, T.; Armstrong, E.; ACDD - Documentation and Discovery; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , April 2013


Will this meeting be teleconferenced? I'm not able to attend and am interested in the topic. -Mike

Mike - There will be a telecon line. WebEx details for this session will be found by clicking on the room name. To ensure notification here is the link to register for remote participation: