Earth Science Collaboratory Reference Architecture



The Earth Science Collaboratory group will briefly review the list of collaboration features and killer apps to generalize, organize and abstract them. We'll also compare them to the user stories, determining if more user stories are needed.

We will then review our Reference Architecture outline and crowdsource the content, so many people have the opportunity to contribute in small, medium and large quantities as they like.  But we need a Crowd to crowdsource!  Join us...


Brief Description of How It's Going to Go:  

  • Walk through user stories
  • Map them to ESC Key Features.
  • If there's no feature for a given story requirement, add it.
  • Crowd will edit Google Doc directly


  • Science Researcher Story
  • ABoVE Story
  • Novice Grad Student Story
  • Science Assessment Panel Story
  • Data Scientist Story

What's Next?



Lynnes, C.; Earth Science Collaboratory Reference Architecture; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , May 2013