Documentation Cluster - April 2013 Telecon


Summer Meeting Sessions


Worked on more detail for the Summer meeting:

Ted talked with Katie about joining NASA Metadata Architecture session - they expect to use the whole time.


Documentation Conventions, Guidelines, Extensions and Resources for ESIP

  • Schema repository
  • Codelist repository
  • Components and Community Resources
  • Walt/Aleksandar/Ed - Conventions and Communities - Lessons Learned


ACDD – documentation and discovery

  • ACDD Governance - Current status and recent changes - move to ESIP Documentation Cluster - Derrick?
  • Hierarchies, Groups and Discovery Objects - Ed Armstrong
  • ISO Discovery Metadata for THREDDS and OPeNDAP - Ted Habermann

GHRSST example is done

Ed will miss next meeting so we are moving it a week earlier (June 12)




A) Walt will add VR and more HDF4 examples to the ESIP wiki

B) Walt will add TAI time issue to the ESIP wiki as a CF problem

Documentation Cluster - April 2013 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , May 2013