Interoperability, what does it mean and how do we improve it?


Interoperability is vital to support Disaster Planning, Response, Management and Awareness. 


How can we be prepared to discover, access, and visualized data and information needed to solve today's problems across federal agencies in the most efficient ways possible?


What does it mean to be interoperable and how do we know when we reach it?


How do we foster and improve interoperable services across different federal agencies?


Interoperability is a complex subject and most likely different definitions under different environments.  This session would discuss the questions above from the perspective of two different interoperability efforts underway: the Data Interoperability pilot project and the NOAA Earth Information System (NEIS).  Participants would be invited to discuss other interoperability efforts, what areas are in need of improvement, and how to engage our community to move best practices of interoperability forward. 





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Q, J.; Interoperability, what does it mean and how do we improve it?; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , June 2013