Facilitating Dataset Discovery using new developments within schema.org


This session introduces schema.org and the dataset extension based on the known use cases. We then move to an Earth science motivated presentation of needs to further extend the dataset portion to support Earth science vocabularies, metadata conventions and standards and support application use such as data-casting.

The goal is to make Earth science datasets (and services) richly discoverable in Google and Bing search by keywords and physical variables, with "rich snippet" metadata in the sidebar of the results page and links to dataset landing pages, granule casts, service descriptions, etc.

Demonstration of potential benefits using mash-ups will be included to ground the exploration of how ESIP, and the semantic web cluster in particular, can collaborate on an approach. If time permits a discussion of how this effort may fit with ToolMatch () will close the session.

Speakers: Introduction, schema.org person, Wilson, Hua.

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Fox, P.; Facilitating Dataset Discovery using new developments within schema.org; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , June 2013