Evolution of Browse at EOSDIS


This will be an interactive session discussing how the Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) fit into EOSDIS.  The GIBS vision, proposed architecture, requirements, roles and responsibilities, and user scenarios will be presented and discussed. For background on GIBS please visit http://earthdata.nasa.gov/about-eosdis/system-description/global-imagery-browse-services-gibs.

As a part of this discussion, the NASA Worldview team will demonstrate current and near-future functionality leveraging GIBS imagery.  For a look at the current Worldview capabilities, visit http://earthdata.nasa.gov/worldview

Background: The vision of the EOSDIS Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) system is “to transform how end users interact with and discover EOSDIS data.”  To accomplish this vision, the GIBS system will be developed as a core EOSDIS component enhancing the suite of EOSDIS services with a highly scalable, high performing, and highly available set of imagery services.  By doing so, GIBS will expand the reach of EOSDIS imagery through the adoption of community-based standards.  In addition, GIBS will allow for a tighter integration and no-boundaries interaction with cross-disciplinary data discovery within existing and future EOSDIS applications and services.

The GIBS system vision continues the growth of EOSDIS data discovery capabilities.  The GIBS “Imagery as a Service” functionality complements the existing “Metadata as a Service” capabilities provided by ECHO and GCMD, to become the Central Metadata Repository (CMR).  Both become important foundational services for a future EOSDIS “Data as a Service” system capability.
The NASA Worldview client is developed using open standards (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) to provide a reference client implementation utilizing GIBS imagery.  Worldview is currently tailored toward the near real-time data community, but is evolving in scope.  It currently includes support for polar stereographic viewing and downloading of full-resolution imagery.


Murphy, K.; Boller, R.; Evolution of Browse at EOSDIS; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , June 2013