Advanced Subsetter Capabilities for Atmospheric Science Datasets


Within the last three years, the NASA Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) has developed and deployed sophisticated provider-specific search and subset capabilities and web applications for the CALIPSO, CERES, and TES missions. ASDC is now collaborating with the MOPITT science team to provide tailored subsetting for their level 2 satellite datasets leveraging the architecture of the recently deployed subsetting systems. The science data user community can leverage these new tools (which are continually enhanced and refined to meet user needs) to rapidly locate, subset, and order specific dataset parameters tailored to their requirements. This ASDC poster and presentation explore the challenges encountered by the ASDC development team and discuss solutions implemented to enable the following advanced subsetter capabilities: On-the-fly conversion of subsetted HDF data granules to NetCDF; Generation of CF-Compliant subset results for non-gridded data (level2 swaths); Parameter-specific filtering; and Multi-dimensional spatial subsetting.

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