NASA Science on Drupal Central: Science is better on Drupal



The NASA Science on Drupal Central ACCESS Project (NNX12AF17G) is working to build Drupal capabilities across NASA earth science. The project is developing key new open-access modules for earth data- and metadata-rich websites. The NSODC is also bringing together all of NASA earth science Drupal web developers into a community of purpose, where they can share code, knowledge, lessons learned, and achievements. Already, two modules have been uploaded to Github: an FGDC metadata catalog module, and an image gallery and image data mining service for searching catalogs of browse images. The project’s ScienceOnDrupal twitter and Google+ accounts harvest Drupal insights from across the web. The central website: is a hub for using Drupal in the sciences. The project led a session on Science on Drupal at the Portland DrupalCon, and is active in the ESIP Federation Drupal Working Group. This poster will display the latest Drupal modules and technology in works at Science on Drupal.

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