NASA Earthdata Code Collaborative (ECC)


NASA's Earthdata Code Collborative (ECC) takes software development best practices and makes them available to NASA partners. Through collaboration and automation, software can easily be taken from a small, skunkworks style project--potentially buggy and largely disorganized--to an Agile, automated, well-tested, and well-documented professional project. By registering a software project with the ECC, development teams receive source code repositories, a wiki for collaboration and communication, and a professional bug-tracking tool complete with lifecycle management and Agile Development sprint planning. These tools do more than offer options to developers that don't typically have access to tool suites of this caliber; they encourage and ultimately enable a higher level of quality and communication than is possible for a single team without significant resources.

Best Practices
Agile Development
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renamed to Earth Data Code Collaboratory (not Collaborative)... collaborative is an adjective, collaboratory is a noun depicting an environment where participants make use of computing and communication technologies to access shared instruments and data, as well as to communicate with others.