USGS Community for Data Integration: Project Overview


The U.S. Geological Survey Community for Data Integration (CDI) is a community of practice made up of research scientists, data practitioners, and decisionmakers in the USGS. The community works together to solve problems in how data from USGS science are managed, made accessible, and used in a wide variety of ways. The USGS Core Science Systems Mission Area facilitates the CDI as a key part of its strategy and mission. Part of this support involves an annual competitive proposal process for new projects that help advance data capabilities in the USGS. This poster presents a brief overview of CDI project work that was presented to USGS executives in a recent “Data Blast” along with current projects funded in 2013. The CDI is an open community with many activities of its working groups that dovetail with the Earth Science Information Partners Federation, and the USGS welcomes opportunities for further collaboration.


Name: Sky Bristol
Organization(s): U.S. Geological Survey