September 2013 Documentation Telecon



  • Rich
  • Maybe discussion – ACDD 1.2 finalize and definitions
  • Algorithums for flattening – may need wiki page

Rich Signell presented his work on ISO focus for CSW (website he displayed it not available for others)

·         Looking at access services

·         Recreate process from Matlab – used Open Search Geo – but wanted to use OSWLib

·         Want automatic model data comparisons

·         Key point is access of csw port – not using CF convension on many of these – means have to search for key variables

o   Some csw services do not support start and stop times

·         Questions to be answered - Can csw services be used to get specific data? If not why? – is this a good question? Is someone already doing this?

·         In UK – have an ongoing project – Iris (

o   Building ocean/climate output – use CF data model – can read NetCDF4

o   CF is not the same as common data model (it expands on the CF model)

o   CF data model – expression of CF convensions

·         Ted asked about analysis of data

o   Pandas provides data frame that can be resampled in python (for analysis)

·         Ted – can you get the units out

o   Iris has unit converter – can then normalize the units

·         Csw protocol gets a set of queriables

o   Need to be able to translate query into YOUR service and provide brief and ful response

o   Csw profile is map of core querables to underlying metadata

·         Maybe Rich will present again next month with how this analysis proceeded



Habermann, T.; September 2013 Documentation Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , July 2013