Drupal Working Group Meeting


This will be the official meeting for the Drupal Working Group, with chair elections and discussions for the next year.

We will be soliciting demos and other Drupal content for this meeting (stay tuned to this site)!





Need to craft a statement of purpose


DrupalCon(who is going).  There is funding to send 2 people


Summer meeting is bigger for this group


Need to identify "expert" to bring in for summer meeting


Intro to Drupal working group Wiki


Monthly telecons have experts from leading Drupal companies (host videos on YouTube)



Last summer's Funding Friday's idea


System for tracking issues for scientific use of drupal




User Stories:

-fixing a bug, in the prototype

-asking for a new feature

-looking for help



-pulling from drupal.org or github



-Where? esipfed.org or scienceondrupal.org

-use a distribution? eg. Open Atrium


Other ideas or suggestions


How to move this forward?

-need to identify users/needs

-do survey to identify




NASA internal code sharing (can give presentation at summer meeting)

-register for URS gets access


Other thoughts for summer meeting

-prototype of tracker presented

-success stories from within ESIP group


questions on plone to drupal migration at NASA group

-having more difficulty with getting scientist to tell what they need than problems with drupal


various discussions






Any requests for Telecon presenters

-thematic requests

-experts requests

-have had some good sematic web talks

-talk about when NOT to use drupal


-volunteer to give presentation on work based on LTER

-volunteer to give presentation on "DAC in a box" work





David and Adam at co-chairs (by Bruce)

No other nominations

David and Adam are elected co-chairs.



Discussion on the scope of the group, should it be widened to include other content management systems?

Caron, B.; Drupal Working Group Meeting; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , October 2013


ashepherd's picture

I'd be happy to present or run a tutorial for this session. Something along the lines of using semantics on Drupal. I'd prefer a tutorial if there's enough interest as I'd rather help folks get some experience with these techniques. But, either way is cool. I'm happy to help in any way. Also, we just released the BCO-DMO website in Drupal (migration from Coldfusion). I could share lessons learned, performance techniques, etc and get feedback form the rest of the group about how they deploy production sites. Anyway, let me know how I can help. Looking forward to the winter meeting and making progress on the DWG!!