Addressing Disaster Response System User Needs and Priorities - Part I


A follow up session to continue discussion of data and information intensive systems supporting disaster response and awareness that started in 2013 Summer Meeting. This session (Part I) will foucs on user needs for disaster response data systems including use case presentations from end users. The goal is to solicit and share input on priorities for end users regarding all facets of disaster management (as covered in the summer session).




Stuart Frye/SGT NASA GSFC, "Disaster Risk Management Data and Product Requirements for the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites" (13.3 MB ppt)


Dave Jones/StormCenter Communications, "Real-Time Cloud-based Geospatial Data Sharing and Collaboration Addressing Disaster Response System User Needs and Priorities" (11.6 MB ppt)


15 in attendance

Karen Moe et al

Do we want to pursue an ESIP cluster to pursue Disaster Response, this will be addressed throughout?

Last year's focus was architecture for disaster management.

Stu Frye and Dave Jones will speak

Ana Prados will talk about evaluation

Stu Frye Presentation(NASA Goddard):

US National Strategy for Civil Earth Observations

CEOS / GEO activities

Cover Sensor Web operations (NASA Disaster Sensor Web) Models automate machine to machine triggers for satellite tasking.

User Requirements Summary for Sensor Web:

-user categories: value added providers, agencies, public (apps)

-users want products to be accessible, map based products, 

-KML raster overlays, vector polygons

-hidden services, automated servers, sub/pub services


-sensor web has 86 algorithms running for different disaster types

Dave Jones talk (StormCenter):

Real-time cloud-based gesopatial data sharing and collaboration

-Storm Center Collaboration Technology Evolution

-AWIPS data, GOES-R grants, and others

-IDSS NWS work, 

-NASA A.18 Risk Reduction Effort

-System connects Fed,State,local decision makers

-Volcanic ash example,Joint US-Environment Canada, and others

Q: Do the customer need to know what data they need?

A: Collaboration session data are customized to the customer needs

Q: What are top NASA datasets that customers want

A: TRMM, sea surface data, simulations of sea surface, others....

and others....









Moe, K.; Law, E.; Addressing Disaster Response System User Needs and Priorities - Part I; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , October 2013