Data Study Dialog


This session is to dialog with Federal and other agency and organizational representatives regarding the Data Study.


Please schedule this on the same day as the Data Study plenary session.

I chose Data Preservation as the collaboration area, as Data Study wasn't yet available.

Anne WIlson gives presentation: an introduction to the situation and invites meeting individuals to give feedback.

Questions of who are the audience and what is the intended outcome.

Discussion of funding- funding by agencies would govern who participates which would change the intention of the project.

Suggestion that agencies could work on similar goals in conjunction with each other and might not have to work interactively. This would give each agency seperate value and any agency choosing not to integrate with the whole study would not upset the study as a whole.

Delineated areas and issues of importance that would need to be a part of the proposal.

  • Economic Value and Return on Investment
  • Value of the data- How do we define the value of the data?

Question/ suggestion that part of the question is how much more valuable would the data be if the agencies were interoperable?

Some deliberation on whether Earth Science should be the main focus- or whether other areas should be involved?

Bob Downs gives presentation on the importance of SDI

Talk of the gap analysis of past research- How to go about it:

  • graduate student project
  • OSTP research as a facilitator
  • in a workshop setting?

Next Steps:

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Anne Wilson.; ; Data Study Dialog; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , November 2013