Exploring EarthCube NSF 13-529, Amendment III: Building Blocks

EarthCube NSF Program Solicitation 13-529, Amendment III: Building Blocks has become available.  The idea behind the building blocks is that they will 'integrate existing technology components to extend capabilities to a broader set of geoscientists than are currently served, create/modify cyberinfrastructure to overcome barriers or inefficiencies as identified by the geosciences community, and introduce modern or novel cyberinfrastructure into the geosciences that has the potential to transform cyberinfrastructure across all geosciences.'
This session will explore the possibility of contributing to the Building Blocks with a semantic and/or ontological solution. Findings from previous EarthCube Workgroup Projects regarding problems to be solved will be presented, with the goals of 1) identifying the most pertinent identified problems that collectively ESIP may be able to address, and 2) identifying ESIP constituents interested in collaborating to address them.
White, C.; Wilson, J.; Exploring EarthCube NSF 13-529, Amendment III: Building Blocks; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , December 2013