Documentation December Telecon

  1. Winter meeting topics
  2. AGSU feedback/insights

1)      Winter 2014 meeting

·         Metadata Augmentations (Habermann) is scheduled for Wednesday 2pm to 3:30 (New Hampshire Rm)

·         Documentation (Armstrong) (name is actuall Granule Discovery and Services) – is scheduled for Wednesday 4 – 5:30 (New Hampshire Rm)

·   Ed has 3 talks lined up

1.       NOAA – NODC

2.       NASA – Godard (?Chris Linus)

3.       NASA – JPL (Ed or other)

·   Walt might also add a talk about granule aggregation

·   That would mean 4 – 20 min talks

·         Need to add session to discuss the strategic plan

·   Want to add this on Friday after lunch (1:30 – 3pm)

·         Several other talks relevant/related to Documentation Cluster – Ted is going to talk to the organizers of these sessions

2)      AGSU update/feedback

·         Mike – what should organization pay attention to for the future?

·         Ted – Data stewardship

·   Metadata discovery of open data is a hot topic at the ESIP meeting

·   Need to focus beyond discovery (possible strategic plan item)

·         Ed – we still need practical examples and tools for data discovery – this is a relevant topic for users and provides

·         Anna – discovery is not working

·         Walt – ex. Require providers to give detailed metadata, which isn’t happening

·   How we store data is changing – ‘webification’ changes the game

·   Ted – only ECHO is trying

·         GSIC – Global Space based Inter-calibration System (

·   Find overlap between spatial and temporal satellite data for calibration

·         Topics that we could incorporate into strategic plan

·   Spatial search

·   Webification

·   Aggregation

·         Walt – language descripting what was applied to a “dataset” – metadata of what happened… this could also be a topic for the plan


Ted will be emailing organizers of session for the winter meeting that are related to Documentation

Habermann, T.; Documentation December Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , December 2013