Toolsets for Airborne Data (TAD): Customized Data Merging Function


NASA has conducted airborne tropospheric chemistry studies for about three decades.  These field campaigns have generated a great wealth of observations, including a wide range of the trace gases and aerosol properties.  The ASDC Toolset for Airborne Data (TAD) is being designed to meet the user community needs for manipulating aircraft data for scientific research on climate change and air quality relevant issues. Prior to the actual toolset development, a comprehensive metadata database was created to compensate for the absence of standardization of the ICARTT data format in which the data is stored. This database tracks the Principal Investigator-provided metadata, and links the measurement variables to a common naming system that was developed as a part of this project. This database is used by the data merging module. Most aircraft data reported during a single flight is not on a consistent time base and is difficult to intercompare. This module provides the user with the ability to merge original data measurements from multiple data providers into a specified time interval or common time base. The database development, common naming scheme and data merge module development will be presented.

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ICARTT data format and merging aircraft campaign data.