A Comparative Analysis of Scientific Data Publication Opportunities


The evolution of data publication options has provided alternatives for members of scientific communities, including Earth Scientists, to publish data and enable their discovery and use by others. Currently available options for publishing scientific data offer choices for data producers to deposit their data for dissemination. An assessment of the current options for publishing scientific data demonstrates five categories of data publishing alternatives that are available for producers of scientific data to choose from when considering opportunities for data publication. Current categories of scientific data publication alternatives include opportunities offered by traditional and online scientific journals; domain repositories, archives, and data centers; personal, departmental, and project websites; institutional repositories; and data journals. These alternatives for publishing scientific data are compared in terms of the opportunities that they provide for data producers, data users, and other stakeholders.

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Downs, Robert R. 2014. A Comparative Analysis of Scientific Data Publication Opportunities. Poster Presented at the 2014 Winter ESIP Federation Meeting. Washington, DC. January 8, 2014.
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Name: Robert Downs
Organization(s): CIESIN