The Global Emissions InitiAtive’s Vision for Improved Emissions Information


Accurate, timely, and accessible emissions information is critical for understanding and making predictions about the atmosphere. We present recent progress of the Global Emissions InitiAtive (GEIA,, a community-driven joint activity of IGAC/iLEAPS/AIMES within the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. Since 1990, GEIA has served as a forum for the exchange of expertise and information on anthropogenic and natural emissions of trace gases and aerosols. GEIA supports a worldwide network of emissions data developers and users, providing a solid scientific foundation for atmospheric chemistry research. By the year 2020, GEIA envisions being a bridge between the environmental science, regulatory, assessment, policy, and operational communities. GEIA’s core activities include 1) facilitating analysis that improves the scientific basis for emissions data, 2) enhancing access to emissions information, and 3) strengthening linkages within the international emissions community.  GEIA pursues these activities in collaboration with the ECCAD project ( and as a member of the GEO Air Quality Community of Practice ( GEIA welcomes new partnerships that advance emissions knowledge for the future.

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