Software Carpentry for the Geophysical Sciences


·         Talk is about geoscientists constructing software

·         “Dark Matter Developers” – Scott Hanselman

o   These people are working on science

·         Most scientists are still not using computers effectively

o   We are still using yesterday’s code – they are not being updated

o   Still not collaborating – small technical problems are still be solved daily

o   Don’t trust other people’s code and thus can’t trust the science

o   Need to start embracing sustainability in software development

·         Basic computing exam questions – pass is a 5… most people in earth science wouldn’t pass

o   What works – short courses for graduate students

§  Practical & exercise-driven lesson…

·         Get involved

o   Ask questions when reviewing a paper

o   Where is the code, what is the coverage, and versioning

o   Hosting a workshop

§  Need a room, pay for hosting an instructor

o   Will train new instructors


Software Carpentry for the Geophysical Sciences; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , January 2014