Documentation - March 2014 Telecon


1) Continuation of discussion on mailing list of use of ACCD spatial and temporal bounds 
2) ACDD atrributes and using them in groups (or as objects) 
3) And ideas or contributions to metadata of the month 


·         Agenda sent out shortly before the meeting

3) And ideas or contributions to metadata of the month – no one has anything prepared for this

2) ACDD attributes and using them in groups (or as objects)

·         Ajay – question about ACDD attributes in groups – when have multiple creator_name attribute should names be comma separated?

o   Currently only allows for a single value

o   If yes, should there be a creater_role attribute

·         Ted started work on how to organize this with ACDD – similar to examples on,_HDF,_and_ISO_Metadata and in a presentation that Ed prepared (multiple distributers)

·         Phil – question about implementation – with multiple version – is it safe to use comma delimited

o   Ed – it is too soon to adopt a convention – comma is likely way to go

o   Anna – if using this to translate to ISO – it can cause a problem – comma delimited translated to multiple fields – while it should be translated to a responsible_party_name filed

o   Ajay – all attributes may need to be expanded to include multiple options or groups

·          Alek – ACDD may have run its course – it might be time for something new – something more complex

·         Phil – what versions are out for review and how can one submit comments


o   ACTION – Ed will get back to Phil about what has changed between the different versions of ACDD

o   ACDD 1.2 is still in beta and can be commented on… likely just by emailing the documentation cluster list

·         But what is OCDD (object convention for dataset discovery)

o   Will be version 2.0 of ACDD

o   Alek – nothing written beyond the wiki page – expect things to start to move faster later this year

·         Summer meeting sessions

o   Have session on ISO metadata in Science Data Products

o   Need to make sessions for Hack-a-thon (Anna) and Data Quality (?Ted)

o   Do we want to add a session about ACDD/OCDD?

§  We are interested but wonder if we can combine this with one of the other three sessions we have already proposed

o   We likely can have 3 time slots – need to provide Erin with placeholder information about sessions before mid-April

1) Continuation of discussion on mailing list of use of ACCD spatial and temporal bounds

·         Problems is that the metadata is not updated when a program changes a file

·         Software needs to handle updates to metadata

o   Group needs a stronger statement to developers when there software updates a granule

·         Anna (and many others) confused as to why not including the information would be a viable option… consensus of those attending was that it wasn’t acceptable

o   Alek thinks we need a wall of shame for those who do not meet quality assessment J

o   Ed will keep lobbying to NOT remove attributes – his group use these attributes regularly


·         Next meeting is April 17 at 2pm EDT

o   John Kozimor (NOAA) will talk about WMO metadata work


Ed will follow up with Phil about what the differences are between the ACDD convension (what changed between versions)


Documentation - March 2014 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , February 2014