FUNding Friday Ideas Jam (Thursday Night)


You may be aware of ESIP's FUNding Friday tradition, where ESIP members vote to fund innovative and collaborative ideas pitched via posters on the Friday of the ESIP Summer Meeting.  This year, we're starting a new tradition: instead of doing the posters early Friday morning, we're meeting up for a Thursday night Happy Hour. Here we'll look for collaboration opportunities, finalize ideas that have been brewing from other conversations at the meeting, and design our posters. That means our posters will be ready in the morning and folks have lots of time to peruse them over breakfast before voting.

If you've got a FUNding Friday idea already, that's great and you should come! If you don't have an idea but want to find partners to make a team, this is the place to meet them!

See past FUNding Friday projects for ideas or to get the gist. As you can see, student projects welcome as well!

FUNding Friday Ideas Jam (Thursday Night); Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , April 2014