EarthCube Rapid Prototype Activities in Support of Improved Access to Ocean Science Data


EarthCube is a NSF initiative to advance Earth sciences through creation of a robust cyber infrastructure enabling cross-disciplinary science.  Although EarthCube’s goal is to create a well-connected, transparent system for sharing data and knowledge, it acknowledges the value in engaging with, and leveraging existing efforts such as ESIP, DataONE and RDA.

The EarthCube Working Group for Prototype Activities (initiated during the EarthCube Data Facilities Workshop in January 2014) seeks to coordinate and connect existing cyberinfrastructure activities, leveraging synergies to advance rapid development of data-driven prototype components and technologies.  One objective of the group is to create an inventory of existing resources available for testing, and to provide a mechanism for sharing successes and failures.  In addition, by identifying overlaps and potential points of integration, this effort can be used to begin aligning individual components into a more coherent infrastructure.

This session seeks to bring together EarthCube Building Block/Concept Design PIs and other stakeholders with interested ESIP meeting participants, to begin identifying synergies and commonalities among existing cyberinfrastructure prototype development efforts.  Although this EarthCube Working Group has an ocean science focus, such activities and technologies can be employed across scientific domains and therefore we welcome all interested parties


We request this session be placed after Tuesday on the agenda to avoid scheduling conflicts of co-convenors who are convening multiple sessions.

Kinkade, D.; Arko, B.; Chandler, C.; Diggs, S.; Shepherd, A.; EarthCube Rapid Prototype Activities in Support of Improved Access to Ocean Science Data; Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , April 2014