ag climate cluster meeting notes May 2014


Bill Teng
Erin Robinson
Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Barry Weiss
One other person?

Summarizing meeting with Mark Walbridge:

  • should be able to make it to the session if it is on Thursday
  • seems better to try and address how to be useful - what can we offer that is not directly related to what they are doing - inventory of NASA data - focusing where we are coming from, something to focus on near-term is SMAP
  • Discuss how we do this as a group or with other working groups
  • Would want to have some ideas available to present, but not finished products
  • LTAR - the base sites all have base funding now - the data system parts are too early for being able to participate, but looking towards the winter meeting in DC
  • Randy Johnson is a future contact for talking about the regional climate hubs - just needs to contact


  • Barry Weiss can get together a presentation about SMAP features

Also mentions 2-3 other products that are going up (one with USGS) OCO2 (Barry will ask if they have something)

  • 2 LTAR meetings coming up this summer - May and August (Talk about potential representation in CO in May by Erin or others)
  • The posted link is information that Mark mentioned in meetings - ongoing programs: ARS stewards
  • Consideration for winter meetings - Erin
  • Theme for with emphasis on agriculture and climate - plenary and sessions would focus more on this  - Announce in the summer meeting  Jan 6-8 in Washington DC 
  • Looking for scientist (people at GSSC) to speak - and policy speaker (USDA) - also Bill Hohenstein as contact
  • Create a list of people who might be good to ask
  • Bill invites others to input into theme to go to visioneers: "Data and services for mitigating and adapting to climate effects in agriculture"

Next meeting, Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 3pm EST

Teng, B.; ag climate cluster meeting notes May 2014; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , May 2014