LTER GeoNIS: workflows to create web mapping services from Ecological Metadata Language (EML) documents


The GeoNIS project is a workflow that  processes, stores, and displays geospatial data collected by the Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER), as part of the Network Information System. The program searches for and downloads spatial data from the Provenance Aware Synthesis Tracking Architecture  (PASTA) . The resulting data are quality checked, and inserted into a geodatabase.  The data are then added to the appropriate map service and made available via ArcGIS Server map and image REST services. An integrated web map, with toggleable vector and raster layers, is included for each LTER site. Detailed reports are also available for each data package, which are accessible from the 'packages' menu.  The javascript API application is available at  There are testing and production workflows and tools.

Future development include moving to production mode, where the workflow is triggered to check for spatial data (located in the EML tags <spatialraster> and <spatialvector>) on a pre-determined schedule (nightly or weekly), and providing sites with the option to have the quality checks occur prior to loading EML file into PASTA. 

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