LP DAAC MODIS Data Services


Often, users of MODIS land products data from the LP DAAC are interested in areas that are much smaller in size than afforded by the data granules.  In order to ease the burden of downloading several full tiles or swaths of MODIS data, the LP DAAC has deployed a number of MODIS data services to facilitate spatially subsetting the data to the user’s specifications.  Also, given that users may only want certain bands of data, these services can also spectrally subset the MODIS data to return only the desired bands of interest. These services are also capable of reformatting the data to different map projections and/or formats in addition to also providing the ability to resample the data resolution.  The MRTWeb Services are capable of mosaicking data as well. The Data Services deployed by the LP DAAC and other data providers offer efficient tools that allow users to streamline and optimize their workflow to get more processing done with less effort.


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