Drupal Lab - Part 1

9:00 Welcome 
9:30 Security in Drupal by Greg Knaddison aka greggles
Once you know how to see them, identifying website security problems is as easy as seeing typos in written words. The primary goal of this session is to give people a solid basis in the most common security issues so they can quickly identify those security issues. From there, we'll move into some other common pain-points of site builders like frequently made mistakes, modules to enhance security, and evaluating contributed module quality.
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Migrating from Plone to Drupal by Long Pham (NASA)
Come hear about migrating to Drupal from Plone - lessons learned, pain points and helpful tips.
11:30 Working Group: Security

Feeling queezy after Greg Knaddison's talk about security in Drupal? Spend some time exploring fixes and implementing Greg's techniques for your own security issues with the rest of us queezy Drupalists. 

Shepherd, A.; Bassendine, D.; Drupal Lab - Part 1; Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , June 2014