Agile Workshop

  1. Agile Overview: History, principles, practices and myths of agile including key agile approaches of Scrum, Kanban and XP.
  2. Agile Transition: An industry perspective, organizational challenges and approaches, case studies, and leadership success factors

Agile Development Workshop:


Pete Behrens

Trail Ridge Consulting


SCRUM is about 75% of the frameworks in use.


Framework         for learning


Focus                    for quality


Feedback                            for alignment


Flow                      for predictability


It is a learning framework


Where did it come from: Winston Royce, 1970, Waterfall


Agile, Lean, Scrum, & XP in Context


-examples from manufacturing


Scrum is a learning framework


-what is the difference between a framework and a methodology

-framework is missing this is how

-scrum says try something, learn from it, do it again


Scrum is a learning framework.


Rugby video....


Scrum is a team sport (stop the line principle; Toyota)


Problems surface sooner, but it is easier to fix at that stage.


Most scientists don't like to work with people. 


System optimization not local optimization, the bottleneck we want to run full speed, but where is it?  Most software development we don't know where that is.


Roles: Product owner, scrum master, the team.


#1 waste in software is because we build the wrong thing - over 60% is built in software is not used.


PO: build the right thing

Dev Team: Build the right thing

SM:Build thing fast


Steve Jobs - visionary, passionate, strategic and taclical



Example of team room where team could collaborate. 


SCRUM exercise with rugby ball...


form teams

each member must touch ball

must be airtime

no non-body tools

no left/right neighbor pass

has to return to the start


Characteristics of Agile


Ford example



Agile want to integrate specialists, and connect them better togther.


In the 70s IBM and others brought in



Lifespan of companies is going down.


Companies are evolving faster than companies. (Zapos - no management)


Agile will not go away.


IBM Survey Says - CEOs are looking for collaborative environments


Patterns in Agile:


                thrashing agility - what are the patterns that make it successful


State of Agile Survey


Companies that have broken through barriers:


                Start with company culture

                Be Agile vs doing Agile


3 Companies:



                                creative culture

                                stats of imporvements

                                details of changes




                                competence culture (compete)

                                internal and externalA

                                fast growth

                                internal competiion hurt

                                now they have yearly releases

                                very productive



                                They did:

                                Adaptive Development Methodology

                                2006 - became agile companywide in a month



                                HCIT control culture

                                Agile spreading within GE like a virus


                                The V model

                                Scaled Agile framework

                (Lean Startup- read this )


Most creativity comes from random intersections with others.


Competing values framework example...


Third Part:


1) think about agile as extension of our culture

2)agility should change culture

3)developing leadership agility


book: Organizational patterns of agile software develpment

face to face before remote

the wise fool









Behrens, P.; Agile Workshop ; Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , June 2014