COOPEUS Introduction


COOPEUS seeks to expand participation in meeting it’s mission to improve interoperability by engaging a broader community of partners to address specific topics. COOPEUS benefits from a bottom-up organizational structure built on community-defined requirements for interoperability.  We strive to create a more inclusive and effective COOPEUS community by establishing working groups and recruiting new partners and Research Infrastructure representative participants. The working groups will be organized around the relevant topics of interest defined by each domain specific Work Package (geodesy/seismology, carbon observations, ocean observations, biodiversity, geospace, governance and data & IPR policies).  We recognize that there are effective working groups and interest groups operating under existing organizations and we would like to engage in these efforts. In this session we seek the input of the community on how COOPEUS can engage in existing functional working groups as well as the need for new working groups.

Potential working group topics include:

Work Package specific topics


  • QA/QC, uncertainty
  • Algorithms
  • GUIDs
  • Data products
  • Data tools / portal

Physical Infrastructure

  • Platforms
  • Instrumentation
  • Methods
  •  Calibration and Validation

Support Infrastructure

  • Training
  • Personnel exchange
  • Outreach

Cross-domain Topics

Data Policies

  • Governmental
  • Institutional


  • Governance
  • Training and personnel exchange – Expertise sharing
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Common language

Systems Engineering approach to scientific requirements based infrastructure


COOPEUS: Cooperation between EU and US

Discussion of COOPEUS partners in EU and US

Primary mission of COOPEUS is to remove the barriers to interoperability in the environmental sciences in order to expand scientific discovery and improve predictive capacity.

Governance structure of COOPEUS (Graphic)

Proposed COOPEUS Communication Structure (Graphic)

Potential working group topics:
Work Package specific
-Physical Infrastructure
-Support Infrastructure
-Data Policies

Open up for discussion

Koskela, R.; Powers, L.; COOPEUS Introduction; Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , June 2014