Disaster Preparedness and Event Analysis


Event-driven data delivery (ED3) is being developed to provide data preparedness through the automation of data access and processing for decision support related to disaster events.  Through a NASA Applied Science award, the Information Technology and Systems Center and Atmospheric Science Department, both at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), and the Geological Survey of Alabama, are collaborating to refine and apply the ED3 functionality for data response to disasters.  The team is working closely with decision support systems, such as the NASA SERVIR project and Alabama state and regional agencies and programs, to help define the capabilities that will best suit the end users for a variety of disaster events.  This poster depicts Event Listener and Subscription Management components of ED3 and shows how they can be used to drive the generation of Data Albums for specific disaster events.  The ED3 project will demonstrate the reusability of this technology for other disaster events and in support of multiple decision support systems and end users.

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