Automated Data Submission: From the Scientist to the Archive


The ORNL DAAC archives and publishes data and information relevant to biogeochemical, ecological, and environmental processes. The ORNL DAAC primarily archives data produced by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program; however, any data that are pertinent to the biogeochemical and ecological community are of interest.

The data set submission process at the ORNL DAAC has been recently updated and semi-automated to provide a consistent data provider experience and to create a uniform data product. The data archived at the ORNL DAAC must be well formatted, self-descriptive, and documented, as well as referenced in a peer-reviewed publication. If the ORNL DAAC is the appropriate archive for a data set, the data provider will be sent an email with several URL links to guide them through the submission process.

Quick and easy data submission allows data providers to archive data for a finished project and move on or maintain a data repository for an ongoing project. Formalized work flow makes data set submission faster for the ORNL DAAC staff and provides uniform data products and metadata.

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Name: Daine Wright
Organization(s): ORNL DAAC
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